Still Italian virologist: “Novak Djokovic an irresponsible infector”

The whole world has split into two large groups (difficult to calculate which of the two is more numerous than the other) on the case that involved and made Novak Djokovic have a really bad week.

The number one in the world, due to his tough stance against the vaccination campaign, declaring his desire not to receive anti-Covid injections several months ago, got into serious trouble in Australia, having his visa canceled after being able to obtain a medical exemption to enter the country on paper and play the first commitments of the 2022 season.

The Serbian champion had to spend several days in a hotel that was not very comfortable for any person, facing many problems such as that of food (also photos of insects in food circulated; click to find out more).

In this case, many comments denounced the situation, including that of Nole’s family, but the requests for transfer, training and a personal cook were all rejected by the federal government.

Italian virologist: “Novak Djokovic an irresponsible infector”

On Monday 10 January 2022, the trial that proved the 34-year-old native of Belgrade right, who returned to freedom and began training for the Australian Open. However, the affair is not yet over, given that the immigration minister could challenge the judge’s decision and, pending news, cancel the visa of the winner of 20 Grand Slam titles again.

On the issue, the Italian virologist Roberto Burioni spoke again, addressing a heavy attack on Djokovic on his Twitter account, reporting what emerged from the trial: “he admitted that he was not vaccinated, therefore that he was irresponsible. He admitted that he had Covid on December 16th 2022 without isolating himself in the following days, so that he was a dangerous infector. Need anything else? No. Case closed, as far as I’m concerned,” he wrote on social media.

Another tough opinion against the Serbian player, who is still confident of being able to stay in the country and play in Melbourne to defend the title, won in the last three years in a row.

1) ha ammesso di non essersi vaccinato, quindi di essere un irresponsabile;
2) ha ammesso di avere avuto il COVID il 16 dicembre senza isolarsi nei giorni successivi quindi di essere un pericoloso untore.
Serve altro? No. Caso chiuso, per quanto mi riguarda.

— Roberto Burioni (@RobertoBurioni) January 10, 2022

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