‘Novak Djokovic is like a wolf in the mountain’, says expert

In the last few hours the tennis world has been shocked by what is happening to Novak Djokovic, currently the strongest tennis player in the world. The Serbian champion, having received an initial medical exemption, was stopped at the airport and taken by the Australian authorities to the Carlton immigrant hotel. After the appeal, Novak Djokovic won the case and the Government of the oceanic continent was almost ‘forced’ to let Nole go free, who during the night carried out his first training sessions in Melbourne. The matter did not end there with the Minister of Immigration who has yet to express himself definitively and, six days before the start of the Australian Open, we do not know who will be the number one seed of the tournament. In these hours, various authorities, media, tennis players and former tennis players have spoken, giving their opinion on the story but many have been intrigued by the fact that the ATP, the main tennis federation in the world, has not exposed itself in this regard. In the last few hours, the message from the federation has arrived. On the one hand, the declarations of the ATP appeared to be conciliatory and not very controversial but at the same time the organization was keen to reiterate the importance of the vaccine. Here is the official statement issued by the ATP: “The ATP greatly respects the sacrifices that the Australian people have made since the beginning of Covid-19, in addition to the strict policies that have been implemented in their country. However, the complications that have arisen in recent days regarding the entry of players to Australia underline the need for a clearer understanding, communication and application of the rules.”

Djokovic has won his legal battle 

In a recent interview with RT news, Novak Djokovic’s uncle Goran Djokovic claimed the World No. 1 was treated like a trapped animal after the cancelation of his visa last week. “Unfortunately the (Australian Open) tournament director didn’t do his job, and the guys from the authorities failed,” Goran Djokovic said. “This is something like a horror for our family, that’s why they are protesting every day in front of the national parliament (in Belgrade). We are very unhappy, we’re so sorry, we like the Australian people, but the Australian government did very wrong things to Novak, one of the best sportsmen ever,” Goran said. “This is very sad. I don’t why they are doing that, using Novak like an example, I don’t know, I still can’t understand. If they don’t want him in Australia, they didn’t have to give him a visa, OK, he wouldn’t be there,” Goran added. “He’s like an animal in a trap, like a wolf in the mountain, it’s unbelievable what the people from the government are doing to him.”


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