Novak Djokovic’s brother GETS FURIOUS in the press conference

What made the difference in the trial that saw Novak Djokovic win in court could also have been the treatment that the border authorities reserved for the 20-time Grand Slam champion. The court has in fact decided to make public the complete transcript of his interrogation.

Djokovic, after reaching Melbourne, was blocked at the airport and had to answer the question of the authorities for about seven hours. In one of the most significant passages of the interrogation, Djokovic spoke of his situation and specified that he had contracted Covid on 16 December last; it is a pity that in the following days he participated in some events, including a photo shoot with L’ Equipe.

“Has he ever had Covid? Yes, twice, in June 2020, I recently tested positive for a PCR test on December 16TH, 2021. I also have the documents to confirm it.”

During the press conference organized by the Djokovic family after the victory in court, brother Djordje interrupted the debate when one of the journalists present in the room asked for an explanation.

Djordje first consulted his father and then ended the conference.

The Djokovic family news conference finished abruptly after Novak’s brother was questioned about the postive COVID test Novak got on December 16th, which was revealed in court. 👇

— Sky Sports News (@SkySportsNews) January 10, 2022

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