Reilly Opelka: BIRD EXCREMENTS on his hat!

In the last match held at the ATP 250 in Melbourne, then lost in the third set after two very hard-fought tie-breaks, Reilly Opelka was the protagonist of a truly incredible episode.

The American was not really blessed with luck and did not start his 2022 on the pitch in the best possible way, beyond the defeat he gained with countryman Cressy. During the match, the American giant was forced to stop the game: a bird droppings ended up right on the visor of the hat, an accessory that the tennis player can never miss for his long hair.

An ugly curtain for the player: “I can’t see anything, a bird sh*t on me,” immediately declared the athlete informing the chair judge of the inconvenience that happened to him. Reilly tried to solve the problem with another cap but there was too big a sponsor logo problem.

“I can’t wear another brand. It’s ridiculous. I certainly don’t want to play with me on my head,” he added over the course of the conversation. After a bad ball boy’s loan (“My head is too big”), a match official came to the rescue with the recovery of a new hat to keep the match going.

The video of the unpleasant episode in Opelka.

Never seen this before 😂 scenes in Melbourne as @reillyopelka gets a rather unwanted surprise…#MelbourneSummerSet

— Tennis TV (@TennisTV) January 6, 2022

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