‘If it was me …’: tennis players respond to Novak Djokovic visa saga – video

Figures from across the tennis world have weighed in on the controversy surrounding Novak Djokovic’s entry – and now hotel detention – in Australia, as the world number one awaits a court ruling on his entry visa after his vaccine exemption was revoked. 

The 34-year-old is being held in isolation at the Park Hotel in Carlton, Melbourne, awaiting the outcome of an appeal against the decision to cancel the reigning Australian Open champion’s entry visa and deport him. 

Players offered a range of views about Djokovic’s predicament. ‘In some way, I feel sorry for him. But at the same time, he knew the conditions since a lot of months ago, so he makes his own decision,’ said the Spanish player Rafael Nadal

Novak Djokovic not being held ‘captive’ and free to leave whenever he chooses, Australia saysContinue reading…

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