Self-sabotaging Novak Djokovic deserves criticism, but so do others in this sorry saga | Tumaini Carayol

The world No 1 is often his own worst enemy, but he is not the only one to blame for the chaos unfolding in Melbourne

As one of the most extraordinary days in the history of professional tennis finally came to an end, uncertainty still reigned. Novak Djokovic had started Thursday at the beginning of what would become about 10 hours of waiting and questioning at passport control in Tullamarine airport in Melbourne, before his visa was cancelled and deportation loomed.

He ended the day alone in an immigration hotel in Carlton. According to reports from Serbia, Djokovic’s futile hopes of leaving the hotel to join his team were quashed, his only company the insects and the bugs beside him in his room. Outside, fans gathered to brandish their Serbian flags and sing Balkan folk songs into the night.

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