Dusan Lajovic tells funny story about Matej and Ivan Sabanov

Serbia’s Dusan Lajovic told a funny story about Ivan and Matej Sabanov after asked about the personality of players on the Serbia ATP Cup team.

The Sabanov brothers are representing Serbia for the first time in a team competition. 

The Sabanov brothers represented Croatia for years before deciding to switch their nationality last year. 

“I can tell you a funny story about the twins, Ivan [Sabanov] and Matej [Sabanov]. We are a similar age and when we played as kids, usually you never wanted to play one of them because, for example Under 10 or 12 years old, if you played against one of them and you beat him, the other one would come on the court, they would hug and they would cry. So, you always felt so sad when you beat them. They’ve changed this now in professional tennis. But when we were kids, it was so funny when you played against them,” Lajovic told the ATP Cup.

Lajovic happy for the Sabanov brothers

“Especially for them to be part of the team, and to play this kind of event and get a feel for the atmosphere, and hopefully there will be Serbian fans to cheer for us. It’s a good experience for them and I just hope that they can have good memories looking back to it as I did, and everybody else in the team did. I hope that we’re going to have a lot of fun here and that everybody can give their best under the circumstances, and I think that if we are able to do that then the opportunities will present themselves,” Lajovic added. 

The Sabanov brothers spoke highly of world No. 1 Novak Djokovic several times. 

“Everyone knows how much Novak is engaged in mental strength. In that sense, he helped us, we are working on some things off the court and I think that has brought us progress – meditation, proper nutrition and generally healthy life, all that is important for professional sports,” Matej told Sport Klub.

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