‘Shy’ Stefanos Tsitsipas explains personality of each player on Greece ATP Cup team

World No. 4 Stefanos Tsitsipas admitted all the players on the Greece ATP Cup are shy but said his brother Petros is the most outgoing person on the team. 

Greece is represented at the ATP Cup by the Tsitsipas brothers, Aristotelis Thanos, Michail Pervolarakis and Markos Kalovelonis. 

“I would describe all of us as pretty shy. We are pretty open with each other but I would define Michail’s personality as very low-key, not extremely social but he feels comfortable around people he knows for a long time. Markos, pretty much the same. We have a new member of the team, Aristotelis Thanos, who is probably the shyest of them all. He barely talks to us. He is a nice kid. My brother is the most outgoing of us all,” Tsitsipas told the ATP Cup.

Tsitsipas recalls his first tennis club 

“Tennis club Glyfada, located about 15 minutes from where I lived. We only had clay courts and I grew up playing on the clay courts there. I picked up tennis pretty early at the age of six. I had two coaches that taught me the game I very much love up to this day and I am still in touch with them. All outdoor courts. The weather in Greece is very good and even in winter time we are still able to play outdoors,” Tsitsipas recalled.

Tsitsipas, one of the most popular athletes from Greece, was asked to list his top three destinations in Greece. 

“My top three destinations in Greece would be Paxi Islands in the Ionian sea. Crete Island, where culture was first discovered. There are plenty of things to do in Crete. I would recommend the place of my birth, which is very rich in tourism and one of the top destinations in the south-western part of Athens,” Tsitsipas listed. 

Tsitsipas pulled out of his first ATP Cup singles match but he went out on the court to play Argentine Diego Schwartzman on Monday.

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