Cameron Norrie explains how he and Dan Evans operate on court

World No. 12 Cameron Norrie admitted he and Dan Evans are not the type of players that are going to come out and hit people off the court as they slowly impose their game and play to their strengths. 

Norrie and Evans are both representing Great Britain at the ATP Cup and they led them to a victory over Germany in their opener at the event. 

“I think both Evo and I are guys who are not going to come out and hit people off the court. We slowly chip away at our opponents and try to play to our strengths,” Norrie said, per the ATP Cup website. “I know we are both feeling good. We had a good break, a good preseason and like I’ve said several times already, there’s no better way to start the year than here as a team.

“Hopefully I can perform better than I did last time here and I know Evo loves this team format, team atmosphere. I know Joe [Salisbury] and Jamie absolutely [have] thrived in it as well.”

Norrie, Evans hoping to lead Great Britain to the title 

Evans made it clear the main goal is to win the title but they also want to have fun. 

“I think everybody understands the main objective of the week is to win, obviously. But it’s just as important that we all have fun, eat together, be around each other and not go back to our rooms and hide away,” Evans said. “We can all spend more time and get ready for the event, because we’ve got to watch each other and hopefully get through the matches.”

“It’s a team event. We’re all pretty good friends, so it’s good to enjoy the week,” Evans said. “The rest of the weeks on Tour could be pretty intense, so it’s nice that we’re all here together, preparing together. It’s important to have fun in weeks like this. You normally get better results as well.”

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