Aryna Sabalenka explains how two Grand Slam semifinal losses helped her

World No. 2 Aryna Sabalenka was extremely disappointed after losing two Grand Slam semiifnals last year but now she is drawing positives and hoping the experience gained from those two losses will help her going forward.

Sabalenka made her maiden Grand Slam semifinal at Wimbledon last year, before losing to Karolina Pliskova.

Sabalenka then made back-to-back Grand Slam semifinals at the US Open but again failed to reach the final after losing to Leylah Fernandez. 

“I think those two matches which I lost in the semifinals was that little step to make this dream true. I was really nervous. I think right now I kind of understand that I can do it. Right now I think I’ll not be nervous on the semifinal again in the Grand Slam,” Sabalenka said, per Lorenzo Ercoli.

Sabalenka explained the pressure of a Grand Slam semifinal 

Sabalenka was the favorite in both of her Grand Slam semifinals but both times failed to reach the final. 

Sabalenka was especially disappointed after losing her second Grand Slam semifinal at the US Open. 

“I have worked with a psychologist for a very long time. In fact, if you look at me 4 years ago and now, I have improved my mental state. It seems to me that no psychologist will be able to prepare me for these situations (in Grand Slams). You have to experience it yourself, feel it, be nervous, understand this situation for yourself. I’m more than sure that in the next Grand Slam semi-final I won’t be so nervous. I will act with more confidence, I will not make the stupid mistakes I made in the important moments of the last semi-final. It’s a matter of experience, you have to go through it. I don’t think a psychologist will be able to prepare you for this,” Sabalenka said in October. 

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