Wimbledon’s expansion will disturb wildlife | Letters

The environmental damage may be irreparable, writes Dr Margaret Coombe, while David Jones suggests the tennis club should move to Hull

The environmental damage caused by the All England Lawn Tennis Club’s proposed development would perhaps be irreparable (Epic match beckons as Wimbledon locals take on tennis club expansion, I January). Eight years of work will disturb all the many birds and mammals that thrive there, including some protected species such as badgers and bats. Lost trees will be replaced with saplings; the grassland with seed from the common nearby. Work to the lake will remove tons of silt and introduce humans to all the waterside edges. These provide homes for insects on which the birds feed, quiet nesting sites and more. There is no better sight here than the heron sweeping gracefully over our roof, or the darting bats at nightfall. Will they ever return?
Dr Margaret Coombe

• Of course they should not build over Capability Brown’s wonderful handiwork at Wimbledon – but have they thought of moving the whole thing to somewhere like the Hull area? That would be a massive step towards “levelling up”.
David Jones
Spalding, Lincolnshire

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