Apostolos explains how hobbies affected Stefanos Tsitsipas’ personality

World No. 4 Stefanos Tsitsipas has a close relationship with his family but there were long phases during the pandemic in which he would not see his family. 

“It was a distance between family. I was at tournaments with him, nobody could come there and visit us. It was not easy, a lot of restrictions and for sure, had an [mental] impact,” Apostolos Tsitsipas told the ATP, as revealed on Sportskeeda.

“I know Stefanos, he loves his family, and deep inside him, he wants to make the right decisions. He’s making the right choices. I’m not worried about me, I would always be around whether he feels like I need to be his coach or I need to be his father.”

Tsitsipas wanted to become more independent and father Apostolos respects that. 

“I feel he wants to explore himself, I think he can take much more responsibilities now. And I also can overcome difficulties easier, I can deal with my emotions and feelings about him much easier,” Apostolos said.

Apostolos on Tsitsipas’ hobbies 

Tsitsipas has shown interest in traveling, photography and creating content. 

“I think he has created this hobby because this is exactly what he wanted. For the traveling, he found it to be an interesting thing. It really has an effect on his personality, on his character, it’s what he loves. He actually needs it, it’s like, gives him energy. He has to step outside the court more and explore. Tennis and all that is not that easy,” Apostolos Tsitsipas said.

“At his level, it can be very stressful. The tour is very tough and long. I think players need these types of escapes, discover themselves. There are two kinds of self-therapy. By traveling he can isolate himself, and he can deal with it himself.”

Tsitsipas is set to start his season at the ATP Cup for a third year in a row. 

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