Today, I want to talk to you about CONSISTENCY.
I read a beautiful post by a coach I respect very much, Patricio Remondegui, in which he explained the concept of CONSISTENCY.
Very beautifull!
I have read and reread it several times because his words fascinated me… I’m very intrigued!

Currently the teachers I see always talk about consistency when their students play tennis.
At the same time they try to push them to play at a really high pace… and from this point, the mistakes start coming… and then trust is lost!

The dictionary understands consistency as SOLIDITY.
So if we bring it into tennis = make little mistakes!

Here the coaches begin to think:
– “play with more spin”
– “maybe something is wrong with the technique”
– “play higher above the net”
– “move better”
And many other thoughts or suggestions!
Right or wrong?
All perfect!
All correct!

Let’s look at the tennis player who is wrong at one moment… that he does not hold the rally… that he is lacking in confidence… and there’s nothing wrong with him: he is perfect with his passing, and has good technique!
But then why does he keep making mistakes and isn’t able to be consistent?

Very often, consistency is not a technical problem but an attitude problem.
The approach to how we want to play is wrong! On how our tennis player (child or pupil) decides to play.
I do not want to say too much otherwise you will not have the pleasure of reading Pat Remondegui’s article: it presents simple concepts (you’ll understand better once you have read it) and is very useful in opening our minds on how we should play to become consistent.

Try reading the article and tell me what you think?

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Bye and have a good day

“I don’t believe in destiny. The results are only obtained with a lot of work. In my sports career I trained five-six hours a day, every day, 365 days a year, between competitions and training, for almost 20 years.”
Pietro Menna, the ‘Arrow of the South’

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