Nick Kyrgios explains his perspective of things

Six-time ATP champion Nick Kyrgios acknowledged he wants to win when he is playing but admitted that losing isn’t something that brings him down because “it’s just a tennis match.”

Kyrgios, 26, didn’t play much in 2021 as he appeared in a total of eight tournaments. 

Kyrgios returned home in September after the Laver Cup as he said he wanted to be with his mother who wasn’t doing well with her health at the time. 

“When I’m out there I want to win, I want to put on a show,” Kyrgios told Nine News Australia.

“But at the same time I don’t carry that weight as in like if I lose a tennis match it’s just a tennis match in my eyes now.

“It’s (my) perspective of things.”

Kyrgios wants to help others

In recent tme, Kyrgios spoke several times about his desire to use his platform and position to help others. 

“I feel like I am the kind of player who comes with a lot more than just tennis,” Kyrgios explained.

“I feel like I am doing so much other stuff off the court, I’m starting to do more things that I want to enjoy using my platform to help others.

“People expect me to be this kind of avatar that they kind of painted on me but I don’t really care about that anymore – I want to be myself at all times.”

After playing just eight tournaments in 2021, Kyrgios is set to play three tournaments in January.

Kyrgios is set to play the Australian Open and he was also awarded wild cards into ATP events in Melbourne and Sydney. 

“Obviously, I’m excited to play at home,” Kyrgios told News Corp. “Tennis Australia has done a great job getting things together and giving us more options to play at home before the Australian Open.

“Giving me a wildcard is awesome — I’ll do my best to put on a show for the fans.”

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