Victoria SM: Novak Djokovic needs to be fully vaccinated or to have good excuse

Victoria Sports Minister Martin Pakula made it clear Novak Djokovic will have to be fully vaccinated or have a legimitate explanation if he wants to play the Australian Open. 

Djokovic’s name appeared on the Australian Open entry list but his vaccination status remains a misery. 

“If Djokovic chooses not to be vaccinated and is not accepted in the expert committee, he will not play the Australian Open. In order to enter the tournament, he must have a good excuse to explain the reason for their non-vaccination,” said Pakula, per Sportskeeda.

The Australian Open set rules for those who want to apply for an exemption. 

“If people think that we have done this to try to give Djokovic a chance to play the tournament they are very wrong. Everyone who participates must be vaccinated or have a significant reason why they have not,” Pakula added. 

Pakula insists politicians have no say in Djokovic’s participation 

“It is not up to me, or the Prime Minister, or any other politician to determine whether or not he can play the tournament. It will be assessed by a committee of experts,” concluded Pakula.

Meanwhile, former world No. 1 Andy Murray was asked about the Djokovic situation. 

“Yes I would be surprised by that because I believe the vaccine is to be safe. I know some people are now saying they’re not effective because they’re now having to get more vaccines to help against the new strains and everything but that’s I think with a lot of illnesses and diseases,” Murray told Eurosport. 

“Like the flu for example, we’re offered flu jabs every year, and they’re tweaked slightly, just to try to reduce the risk. I believe them to be safe and effective, so yeah, I’d be surprised if he didn’t go for that reason.

“But also, I guess it’s getting very close now and we don’t really know exactly what’s happening, but you’d assume that he’s potentially been reluctant to do it. So I guess if I heard tomorrow he wasn’t going, would I be surprised? No I don’t think so.”

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