Franco Chimenti: “Ryder Cup? My invention”

Never so many members since 2013, with FIG members up 6% compared to 2020, for a global growth that records a boom among women, where the novice golfers are 3,713 (12 months ago they were 1,845). An increase of 101.25% compared to last year. For an increasingly “green” sport, with young people among the protagonists of a rapidly expanding movement. Which grows from North to South, with Puglia and Calabria as protagonists.

Franco Chimenti, statements

It is the photograph of Italian golf, which travels with the wind in its sails towards the Ryder Cup 2023. “To register similar numbers, also given the persistence of the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19, represents an epic success. And the Ryder Cup of 2023 it is my Golden Collar “, explains Franco Chimenti in an interview with ANSA. The president of the Italian Golf Federation, tomorrow at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, will be among the sportsmen – athletes, technicians, managers – awarded in the golden year for Italy with the highest honor Coni, the collar gold; crowning a long and important career as a manager. Between Lazio football (of which he was also president) and Coni, passing through Federgolf. And on the eve of the delivery of the most coveted sporting award, Chimenti takes stock of the situation on the state of Italian golf.

“I could expect everything – explains Chimenti – except to receive the Collare d’Oro. A recognition that is assigned to the greatest champions of the sport. I would like to thank Giovanni Malagò, president of Coni, for the appreciation reserved for my long career as a driver. of such a difficult and important Federation. The Ryder Cup of 2023 was my invention, having helped bring it to Italy is my greatest achievement as a sports manager. It is a heritage of the federation and no one else. And now we can see the fruits of a work that starts from afar. The one that will be played in less than two years in Rome between Europe and the United States will be the most important challenge in the history of the competition “. Chimenti is sure of it.” The weekly passes have already sold out and the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club will be sold out. With the Eternal City at the center of everything, to make this event even more unique, which will leave a great legacy to the country “.

Meanwhile, FIG members are close to 93,000, an increase of 6% compared to 2020. “We will soon exceed 100,000 but the goal is much greater. And it can be seen in the numbers. With 10,000 new members and 3,713 novice golfers”. Italian golf is growing in the North (significant increases in Lombardy, Liguria and Friuli Venezia Giulia) but, even more importantly, in the South. “In Puglia – underlines Chimenti – cardholders grew by + 25.3%. Region with the highest increase. And to this, I am sure, also contributed by the results of Francesco Laporta, from Puglia. Together with Guido Migliozzi and many other valuable golfers, he represents the present and the future of Italian golf. also underline the increase in memberships in Calabria, + 14.6% compared to 2020, and in Lazio (+ 9.61%) “.

Then, from Chimenti, also a passage on Francesco Molinari who, after a 2018 with companies all over the world, has no longer found the way to success. “I am sure that he will get up and what he has done and won no one will be able to cancel. He has written important pages in sport on a global level”. Then a focus on Tiger Woods’ return to the field, twelve months after the last time. “Woods’ return is not only important but fundamental. I remember when, in 1997 at the Ryder Cup in Sotogrande, Spain, he was beaten by Costantino Rocca in front of an incredible audience. Woods is golf, yesterday as today. And I really hope to see him on the pitch in two years in Rome “.

In the board of directors of the Milan-Cortina Foundation, Chimenti will close the interview with the reserve right at the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games of 2026. “The success will be equal to or even higher than that of the Turin Games in 2006. The Milan match -Cortina was extraordinary and winning. And he showed once again the great potential and ability of Italy which, when it is a system, is difficult to overcome “.

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