Alexander Zverev: Beating Novak Djokovic in Tokyo and Turin made me feel invincible

World No. 3 Alexander Zverev admitted winning six big titles in 2021 helped him grow his confidence and he is now determined to have a huge 2022 season. 

Zverev, 24, made six finals in 2021 and captured as many titles. 

Zverev’s biggest victories came at the Tokyo Olympics and ATP Finals. 

“In the last six months it has been Novak, Daniil and I who have dominated and I believe that we will follow that trend throughout the following season. I have gained a lot of confidence with what I have achieved this season, the greatest improvement I have made was mentally,” Zverev told Sky Sports, as revealed on Sportskeeda.

Zverev beat Djokovic twice this year 

Zverev said beating Djokovic at the Tokyo Olympics and ATP Finals made him feel “invincible.”

“I feel much more relaxed on the track and willing to show everyone what I am capable of. Beating Djokovic in Tokyo and Turin has made me feel invincible,” Zverev said.

Zverev has won at every level except the Grand Slam. 

“Look, I’ve won on every level except for the Slams. It’s the only thing I’m missing and I’ll do whatever I can to change that next season. I’m already looking forward to 2022, because I know that I still have things to improve,” Zverev told Sport Klub after winning the ATP Finals. 

After losing to Zverev in the ATP Finals semifinal, Djokovic tipped the German to win a Grand Slam.

“Of course we want to win against each other, but there is that respect and appreciation for each other that is more important than winning or losing. That’s something that I always had with Sascha. I really appreciate that,” Djokovic said after losing to Zverev at the ATP Finals. “I wish him all the best. He’s a great guy, fantastic tennis player, I’m sure soon to be a Grand Slam champion.”

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