Holger Rune explains what he is trying to take from Roger Federer

Holger Rune acknowledged that he is not trying to be the next Roger Federer with his game-style but admitted that he is trying to take something from the 20-time Grand Slam champion. 

Rune, who won the 2019 French Open boys’ singles title, enjoyed a great 2021 season. 

Rune, 18, won five Challenger titles this year and he finished the year enjoying a career-high ranking of No. 103 in the world. 

“Yeah, I have some good strengths in my game already now, because I have the aggressiveness in my game, but also, I’ve been playing a lot of matches on clay this year, which helped me to have been grinding through a lot of matches, which is also very important to be able to play on the tour with these guys. Because you can’t hit winner on every point against these guys. So it’s important to have a bit of both,” Rune explained to Essentially Sports. 

Rune on what he is trying to take from Federer 

“What I’m trying to build with my team, and my coach is not exactly Roger, but something from him, stepping in on a return, coming forward to the net, and also be solid, because that’s something, for me, it’s very naturally to play from the baseline and be very solid from both sides and it’s about building something. I would say I have all the shots, but it’s just about trusting them and be brave enough to come in at the right time,” Rune added. 

Rune was asked what he would like to be his go-to shot in key moments. 

“I would say either the forehand inside-out or the drop shot down the line I like. Probably one of these is probably one of my best shot. And then backhand cross, of course, like, I can play that all day, I should say,” Rune said. 

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