Andy Murray: High expectations will be placed on Emma Raducanu at Wimbledon

Andy Murray acknowledged Emma Raducanu achieved one of the most prestigious things in tennis at just 18 years old and underlined the expectations on Raducanu will be extremely high around Wimbledon. 

Raducanu, 19, was 18 when she became the first qualifier in tennis history to win a Grand Slam. 

“I’ve spoken a little bit about Emma since the US Open and I do really want to be careful to seem to be giving her advice or my opinions on her and her career, what she should and shouldn’t be doing and how she should deal with certain things,” Murray told Eurosport in Abu Dhabi.

“I do feel like because she won the US Open and won a Grand Slam at 18, that for a period of time I imagine the press would be quite lenient with her and rightly so, I mean, she’s won one of the biggest events at 18 years old.

“But yeah, there will be certain stages in her career, certainly around Wimbledon and the grass-court season where the expectations are extremely high. And there’ll be a lot of pressure there. I know that that’s obviously something that’s difficult to deal with. I’m sure she’ll be able to deal with it, but it’s not easy.”

Murray praises Raducanu’s personality 

Raducanu is one of the most talented and promising players on the Tour but Murray believes she is also a “well-grounded and smart” person. 

“She’s unbelievably well-grounded. She’s very, very smart. I’m sure she’ll be absolutely fine, but it’s not easy. I certainly didn’t have it to the degree that she’s had it but when I played Wimbledon the first time I went from nobody knowing me or watching my matches to being on the front page of the newspapers and being followed around for a period of time and it’s like overnight, it’s kind of life-changing,” Murray insisted. 

“And that’s the same thing, obviously that’s happened to her but on a much grander scale. So I know that that must be very difficult for her. It’s just important that you have your family and your team and everyone around you and that they’re the ones that you listen, and to try your hardest to block the rest.”

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