Rafael Nadal: ‘I will not be the one who says when’

After some time, Rafael Nadal is back on the playing fields. The Iberian champion, stopped in recent months due to a foot injury, returned to the Abu Dhabi exhibition tournament and offered good sensations despite the defeat against the British tennis player and in the past his opponent in great battles Andy Murray. The Iberian champion talked about his return to racing, albeit only in exhibition, and then spoke about many issues inherent to the current circuit.

Nadal lost his comeback match 

Rafael Nadal spoke about his good friend Roger Federer following his 6-3, 7-5 defeat to Andy Murray at the Mubadala World Tennis Championships on Friday. “I am nobody to say what we talk about privately, but yes, I have a very fluid relationship with Roger, we talk very often,” Rafael Nadal said. “I always knew what intention he has on trying to come back but I will not be the one who says when.” During the interview, he pointed out that he needs time to regain his best form after spending time away from the sport. “I think I did a lot of things well and other things, of course after a long period of time, I need to recover again, some things that when you’re under competition come automatically,” Nadal said. Tennis Australia has announced that only vaccinated players can play in the Australian Open. In fact, at the center of these discussions is World No. 1 Novak Djokovic, owing to his stance on the subject. Djokovic has claimed that getting the jab is a matter of ‘personal choice’, and shouldn’t be mandatory. Thus, Djokovic has not revealed his vaccination status to the public. On the other hand, Rafael Nadal has a different perspective on the matter. He claims he is in no position to question health mandates laid down by authorities, and wouldn’t wish to pretend that he knows more than experts. “I am not with or without, I am just following what the organization of health says,” Nadal stated. “I don’t pretend to know more than the authorized people say. If the people who really know about this say that we need to be vaccinated, who am I to create a different opinion?” Nadal is coming off from a foot injury treatment and is treating this exhibition as a testing pad for his upcoming stint at Australia. Murray, on the other hand, comes off a bit fresh as he had a lot of match practice towards the latter end of the ATP season.

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