‘It is only in France that the image of Novak Djokovic is…’, says analyst

Novak Djokovic’s extraordinary year is enriched by another impressive statistic. In a season in which Nole proved to be the best player in the world and in which he made history with the conquest of the three slams that allowed him to hook Federer and Nadal at 20, the Serbian tennis player achieved a record after the other, also thanks to the extraordinary maturity acquired by the number 1 in the ranking. As evidence of his mental strength, Djokovic managed in 2021 to improve a statistic established in 2011: the one on the matches won in comeback. In the season that has just ended, the Serbian has made comebacks his hallmark. According to a statistic by Mister OnlyTennis on Twitter, once at a disadvantage Nole was able to reverse the situation 14 times out of 20, achieving an impressive 70% of wins after losing the first set and thus beating his previous record of 69.2. % of 2011. The most impressive thing is that he manages to do it at 34. In particular, given the Serbian’s tendency to participate in the most important events of the circuit, Djokovic has obtained 10 of the 14 victories in the Grand Slam tournaments.

Nole ended the year as World No. 1 

Novak Djokovic had one of the best seasons of his career in 2021, winning three Majors and finishing the year as World No. 1 for a record seventh time. “It is only in France that the image of Novak Djokovic is so tarnished,” she told WeLoveTennis. “Elsewhere in the world, we have understood that we should not confuse the champion that he is and the man who hides behind this armor that he wears during his matches.” The Frenchwoman understands Djokovic’s antics may not be as liked as those of his big rivals since he arrived on the tennis scene at the peak of the Nadal-Federer rivalry. “However, I can understand that when he arrived against Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, it could have embarrassed people,” Bartoli said. “But it is clear that he is there, there, that his track record is crazy, that he is breaking records and that he has yet had an incredible year.” Just this week, Djokovic was also holidaying in the Serbian mountains. Naturally, Serbians recognized the World No. 1 and congratulated him on his year. Additionally, they also clicked a lot of selfies with Nole, too! At one of the restaurants in the mountains that the World No. 1 stopped at, the entire staff of the place gathered around him for one big photograph, which must have utterly warmed their heart, despite the snow around.

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