Rafael Nadal: I often talk to Roger Federer, we have very fluid relationship

Spain’s Rafael Nadal said he is keeping in touch with Roger Federer but made it clear he won’t reveal the details of his conversation with the Swiss. 

Federer, 40, underwent a season-ending knee surgery in August. 

Federer has had three knee surgeries over the last two years but he is still not ready to retire. 

“I am nobody to say what we talk about privately, but yes, I have a very fluid relationship with Roger, we talk very often, I always knew what intention he has on trying to come back but I will not be the one who says when,” Nadal said, per Reem Abulleil.

Federer’s return date unknown

It is clear that Federer won’t play at the Australian Open and French Open. 

Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, revealed that he also may not be ready for Wimbledon. 

There were rumors Federer could be ready for the Australian Open but he and his team quickly shut down those rumors. 

Meanwhile, former world No. 4 Tomas Berdych said Federer needs to mentally prepare for his final match. 

Berdych acknowledged it would not be easy at all for Federer to make a successful comeback at the age of 40. 

“He’s going to try to prepare himself as best as possible and he’s experienced enough to know that it won’t happen at one tournament,” Berdych said. “But, without matches and being 40 years old, it’ll be very difficult to judge your level.

“If you are in the middle of your career and you get injured for six months and you do a good preparation basically you know what’s going to happen when you start to play.

“But I think in this situation he needs to be mentally ready to know that it could be just one match, even if he’s done everything possible. It’s not easy and then the young guys will be there and won’t give him any favours.”

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