Ashleigh Barty ‘proud’ of unvaccinated teenage sensation Olivia Gadecki

World No. 1 Ashleigh Barty revealed she spoke with Olivia Gadecki but made it clear she didn’t try to change the 19-year-old’s mind. 

Gadecki enjoyed a breakout season in 2021 and she was expected to receive a wild card into the Australian Open. 

However, Gadecki didn’t even give the Australian Open organizers a chance to give her a wild card since she ruled herself out of the Australian Open because of the vaccine mandate. 

“I’ve spoken to her a little bit, but she’s an adult and she has her own career and she makes her own decisions,” Barty said, per The Courier Mail.

“That’s something I’ve said to her a lot of the time. For me, I’ve grown up and made my own decisions that I’m accountable for and she‘s done the exact same thing.

“So I’m not in a position where I’m going to try and sway her or do anything, in a sense, to change her mind.

“I’m here as a friend, to support her and love her and whenever I see Liv, I try and catch up with her and we chat through everything, not just tennis.”

Barty insists not everything is about money

Had Gadecki received an Australian Open wild card, she would have earned at least $90,000. 

“Life is not all about money. In fact, that’s very low down on anyone’s priority list,” Barty said.

“So I think for Liv it’s time for her to reconnect with her family and the ones that she loved the most.

“It’s the decision that she’s made. I continue to chat to her and my opinion of her changes not at all.

“I’m proud that she’s made her decision for her reasons – for her right reasons – and that’s all you can do – is make the right decision for you.”

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