Iconic coach: Andy Roddick was just always bothering everybody but in good way

Renowned tennis coach Rick Macci recalled coaching Andy Roddick as he said Roddick “was always bothering everybody but in a good way.”

Macci coached some of the greatest players in tennis history as his coaching resume also includes coaching the likes of Serena Williams, Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova. 

Roddick went on to win a Grand Slam and to also become a world No. 1. 

“I saw this little mosquito (in him)- that’s what I called him,” Macci said in a recent interview with Eric Han, as revealed on Sportskeeda. “Like a mosquito, he was just always bothering everybody but in a good way. He was just always there, pesty, feisty.”

Macci says Roddick’s forehand was ‘nuclear’

“When I worked with Andy (Roddick), he had this forehand where he led with the elbow back. He kinda had the ATP forehand. He actually taught me a little bit! I’m thinking this looks very different but it worked, so I didn’t change it. His forehand was nuclear!” Macci added.

Recently, Macci acknowledged Serena should not be counted out despite being 40 and out since Wimbledon. 

“The fear factor from other players isn’t going to be there and maybe even the confidence level from Serena, I call her meek, okay [it] might not be what it is, but once she starts winning a few matches, I’m just telling you, you never count out the heart of a champion,” Macci told Essentially Sports, as revealed on Tennishead.

“She’s a very special lady, you know, and I would not bet against her about anything, but I think it’s all her just playing more and getting a little more confidence and obviously being super fit because with that serve, as long as she’s hitting corners and if that confidence is there she’ll take it earlier, she’ll take more chances, she’ll be inside the baseline.

“Because she can just play through you but there’s a lot of things that have to go right for that but I would never ever, ever bet against Serena because [of] that championship DNA if she gets on a roll, other than herself, no one would like to see her do that more often than me.”

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