Eugenie Bouchard: “The first ball I hit in 8 months”

“The first ball I hit in 8 months”. So Eugenie Bouchard said it from her Instagram profile through a video of her training under the sun on the court. The Canadian, a regular presence on social media and much less on the court, was keen to immortalize her come back to training after a long period of stop due to an injury to her shoulder.

After eight months from the last time, therefore, Genie has informed her followers that she came back to training in order to come back to competitions in 2022. The video shows the Canadian tennis player hitting a forehand and then lying on the ground as if to want to celebrate the event. Bouchard should come back on the court for the beginning or the mid of the next season.

The video was released from Bouchard’s official account on both Instagram and Tik Tok’s profiles.





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