‘You can’t argue with Novak Djokovic due to…’, says legendary coach

Either accept the rules or Novak Djokovic won’t be able to defend his crown at the Australian Open. The possible participation or absence of the Serbian tennis player in the first Grand Slam of 2022 is up in the air. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison mentioned that “Nole” will not receive any special treatment after his presence has been confirmed at the Australian Open where all players are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. “There are no special rules for tennis players or anyone. In your case you will follow the same requirements as everyone to enter Australia,” said Morrison. After weeks of speculation, the Australian Open organization published the list of players who will enter the main draw and the first name that appears on it is that of Djokovic who had not confirmed his presence in the first Grand Slam of the season due to their distrust of getting the vaccine against COVID-19 that the tournament required. So far it is unknown if the winner of 20 Grand Slams, 9 of them in Australia, has already received the vaccine against the virus that hit everyone very hard. The Australian Tennis Federation had advised that fans, players and anyone attending the tournament must be fully vaccinated. That decision did not sit well with all the players, especially the defending champion. After his participation in the ATP Finals, the Serbian pointed out that he was still not sure that he was going to defend his crown in the event scheduled for January 17 and 30.

Rick Macci on Novak Djokovic

In a recent interview, legendary tennis coach Rick Macci hailed Roger Federer as the Greatest Of All Time. However, he also stated that Novak Djokovic could be adjudged the best tennis player in the near future. In an exclusive interview to Essentiallysports.com, Macci laid down the different parameters that are considered while giving any opinion about the GOAT debate. “Everyone loves Federer because of his graceful and artistic way of playing. We judge by how many Grand Slams you win. You can’t argue with Djokovic due to his consistency and ability to stay on top, there are very few slowdowns,” said Macci in the interview. He also mentioned that he has a gut feeling that in the end, the Big 3 will retire with an equal number of Grand Slam titles. “Looks like Novak is coming off for now, but Federer might be the best player in my opinion, but Novak could still be the greatest, but Nadal shouldn’t be ruled out either. I think maybe there will be a tie at the end of the day,” added the coach.

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