“Tsitsipas like Caravaggio,” said famous photographer

Time magazine has included a shot with Stefanos Tsitsipas on Philippe Chatrier among the hundred best of the year. A story, one might say, more than just a photograph.

Julian Finney captures the lights and shadows that accompany the Greek talent in the Roland Garros final. Final that Tsitsipas ends up losing to Novak Djokovic after not taking advantage of two sets behind.

“The beautiful late afternoon light that we photographers like so much was now gone from the field. It must be said that if the match had not gone to the fifth, this shot would not have been possible.

I was aware of some glimpses of light, created by the shape of the new Philippe Chatrier structure that I could have exploited but what happened in this unique moment is still something I had not foreseen.”

Stefanos Tsitsipas: The Caravaggio

The Getty Images photojournalist then explained: “I would say it was one of those lucky moments that are created suddenly and that vanish quickly. Stefanos was playing a cut backhand, sliding, in that small patch of court illuminated by that light as if it were a sort of commercial in a photo studio.”

Great awareness after the shot, which Finney made with a 24-70mm zoom lens. Lens whose focal range is strongly inspired by the human eye. “The fact that he was playing in a slide slide right in that spot on thecourt, the way the light filtered through, the fact that the white jersey somehow increased the reflection of the light gave me great inspiration.

When I looked at my camera display I immediately knew that I had captured something special. A Caravaggio, in fact. A friend of mine said he reminded him of that painting. But also the fact that only I was able to grasp that image, which happens more and more rarely today, has made it a small treasure,” he concluded with great satisfaction.

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