Dominic Thiem congratulates Max Verstappen for winning first F1 world title

Dominic Thiem absolutely enjoyed the F1 race on Sunday as he congratulated Max Verstappen on winning his first F1 world title.

“Max, what an incredible race. You did it so well. Enjoy, you deserve it,” Thiem said on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Thiem is preparing to return to action for the first time in six months. 

Thiem suffered a season-ending wrist injury in Mallorca in June. 

Thiem feared he would be forced to undergo a wrist surgery but he was lucky enough to avoid the worst case scenario. 

“I’m very happy to announce that my recovery is going well. The MRI I did today showed that my wrist injury has improved significantly. A couple of weeks ago I started playing with soft balls and was able to switch to normal tennis balls during yesterday’s practice session. My team and I strongly believe that I’ll be ready to make my comeback to competition later this year,” Thiem announced in November. 

Thiem set to play this week 

Thiem’s comeback tournament will be the Mubadala World Tennis Championships, that takes place this week in Abu Dhabi. 

“I’ll be returning to competition in December and will be playing wht MWTC 2021 in Abu Dhabi — with the objective ro return to the Tour for the 2022 Australian Open. Needles to say that the vaccine is needed to play both events, and in my case I have already been vaccinated. I saw recently some news about this and I had made it very clear that I would get vaccinated. Hopefully the next time things won’t be taken this far as I saw last week,” Thiem said.

“Last but not least, I would like to thank all of my fans who have been incredibly supportive these last couple of months and I cannot wait to play my first competiitve match in a little over a month.”

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