Cameron Norrie’s coach reacts to being voted as 2021 ATP coach of the year

Cameron Norrie’s coach Fernando Lugones admitted he was “incredibly happy” after being voted as the ATP coach of the year for 2021. 

Norrie made six finals this year, debuted at the ATP Finals as an alternate and is currently enjoying a career-high ranking of No. 12 in the world. 

Norrie also captured the biggest title of his career in 2021 after beating Nikoloz Basilashvili in the Indian Wells Masters final. 

“I’m incredibly happy. I never thought I could win this award, it’s surreal. But that’s the beauty of the sport, that anything could happen. I just want to also thank my team, Julian [Romero] and Vasek [Jursik], they work incredibly hard throughout the year to get Cam ready, and also Devin Bowen and James Trotman since day one, helping the whole team,” Lugones told the ATP Tour website. “Most importantly I want to thank Cam for being an animal and getting through all those tough matches that ended up getting me the award.”

Norrie ‘saved’ Lugones from quitting 

“I got an Economics degree and I was looking to work in finance, in a bank or something like that. Since I had another year of school without playing, I started helping the team as a volunteer coach and I really enjoyed that and started working in a tennis club and still helped the team,” Lugones said. “The coaches there were really encouraging me to give it a shot and I started to really enjoy it and get better at it.

“I thought maybe I could have a career in it and then Cam offered me to start traveling with him, so him and the coaches there saw something in me and thought I could do well, and then I went with it.”

Lugones was grateful to everyone who helped him be who he is now. 

“I just want to thank everyone who voted for me and all the coaches who always had advice for me or were willing to teach me something,” Lugones said. “I can’t thank you enough and I’m excited for next year.”

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