Marion Bartoli shows support to Caroline Garcia

2013 Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli believes Caroline Garcia could still do some great things. 

Garcia, 28, made her maiden Grand Slam quarterfinal in 2017 and her career-high ranking of No. 4 in the world came in 2018. 

Garcia’s game has taken a step back in the last few years as she is now ranked at No. 74 in the world. 

“I think Caroline can still achieve something great. I am convinced of it. She has exceptional qualities, even if she is a bit fragile mentally. I regret that she was often criticized in these choices and in keeping her father as a coach. Rather than criticizing her, we should have encouraged and supported her. I think this situation weakened him while in my case, the critics galvanized me. We do not react in the same way depending on the situation. Personally, I fed off that. At the moment the film about the life of the Williams sisters is released, I don’t think a journey like that could have happened in France. I regret it, but I also know what I’m talking about,” Bartoli said, per We Love Tennis.

Bartoli was coached by her father 

Bartoli decided to make a change prior to 2013 Wimbledon as she went there alone — even without her father. 

“No, because I am a born loner,” Bartoli said, when asked if it was too hard to be alone. “When I wanted to watch the end of the matches on TV, in my room, I could. I did not have to dress up and “pretend”. No need to go to the restaurant or waste my time chit-chatting. I was in my bubble, and I could focus on basic daily things: getting up, moving my shoulder as smoothly as possible, then moving my Achilles as smoothly as possible… I felt better every day, I improved the way I moved on the court match after match. Obviously, I was getting more and more self-confident, too.”

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