Daniil Medvedev speaks on earnings and.expenses in tennis

Daniil Medvedev says there are months when he can make up to $3 million in a month but there are also times when he doesn’t even make $50,000. 

Medvedev earns good money but acknowledged that his expenses aren’t low either. 

“To be completely honest, in a month you can make up to $3 million. When, for example, you win a Grand Slam tournament. And some months you don’t even make $50,000. And the expenses are fixed. A certain amount of money is spent on maintaining the team. There is a trainer, a physical trainer, sometimes doctors and physiotherapists. All this is quite expensive, because you have to pay for tickets and accommodation, for example. Apart from that, each has a fixed salary and a percentage based on performance. Theoretically, you can travel without a team or a coach, but then you won’t get any results,” Medvedev said, as revealed on We Love Tennis.

Medvedev on the proposed Davis Cup changes 

Reportedly, the ITF and Kosmos are on the verge of striking a deal that would send the Davis Cup Finals to Abu Dhabi for the next five years. 

“Yeah, I think everything has to change one moment. It’s tough for me to talk about all Davis Cup because I played it two times. I think I played it in Serbia. Yeah, I played it actually four times, but in the World Group we only played one time when I was in the team. So it’s not easy for me to compare the emotions, the crowds, the tournament itself,” Medvedev said. “I can say that for all of us it’s very important to win here. It’s still Davis Cup. We still see Novak playing. Rafa won it last time. No matter the format, the best players in the world happy to represent their country. “Again, still Davis Cup 2021. We are the winners of it. That’s the most important.”

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