Agent: Venus Williams paved way for Serena

Serena Williams’ agent Jill Smoller said there wouldn’t be a Serena without Venus in her life. 

The Williams sisters are by far the greatest sister duo in tennis history as Serena is a 23-time Grand Slam champion, while Venus has seven Majors in her collection. 

“Serena will always say that Venus is her hardest competitor,” Smoller said, as quoted on Tennishead.

“They know each other so well, they know each other’s games inside out, they practiced every day and I think whenever she’s asked her fiercest opponent, the answer is always Venus.

“There wouldn’t be a Serena without Venus and Serena is the first one to say that, she [Venus] paved the way for her [Serena].

“Venus is the most gracious older sister, always so protective of Serena. Venus is elegant in defeat, Serena not so elegant in defeat but it’s what makes her who she is.”

Coach recalls his impression of the Williams sisters 

“Right then and there that’s when I turn to Richard (Williams) and said ‘you got the next female Michael Jordan on your hands’ and he said ‘no, I got the next two!’” legendary coach Rick Macci said.

“I told Richard they could not only be the number one in the world someday, they can transcend the sport!

“I didn’t care what was going to happen, all I knew is I was on a mission with Richard to make this thing happen.”

Serena hasn’t played since Wimbledon and she won’t be returning to action at the Australian Open.

“While this is never an easy decision to make, I am not where I need to be physically to compete,” Williams told the Australian Open website. “Melbourne is one of my favorite cities to visit and I look forward to playing at the AO every year. I will miss seeing the fans, but am excited to return and compete at my highest level.”

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