France captain Sebastien Grosjean recalls winning 2001 Davis Cup title in Melbourne

France Cavis Cup team captain Sebastien Grosjean still remembers well winning the 2001 Davis Cup title in 2001. 

In the 2001 Davis Cup final, France beat Australia in Melbourne to win it all. 

Grsoejan was a member of the France team that captured the 2001 Davis Cup title in Melbourne. 

“I have amazing memories,” said Grosjean, who featured in 16 ties for France after making his Davis Cup debut in 1999. “Australia was fantastic and even though it was far from France, the impact at home was big.

“The atmosphere in Melbourne was amazing, as was the team spirit in the French team and everything was perfect in the end. Twenty years later, I still have tremendous memories and share those with my team-mates.

“Even though I have been retired for more than a decade, I still have great memories of that final.”

Grosjean now hopes to win as a captain 

France will be battling Great Britain and the Czech Republic in the group stage at the Davis Cup Finals. 

Great Britain won their last Davis Cup title in 2015, while France captured their last glory in the competition in 2017.

“In 2015, we had not won it in such a long time, so there were a lot of emotions going into the Final, especially with a player like Andy [Murray], who was leading the team and playing pretty much every single match,” said Smith.

“There were some amazing atmospheres that year – we had three ties at home in front of sell-out crowds – before winning the final away in Belgium. It was an amazing occasion, and those memories will stay with me and the team forever.

“These players are proud to represent their country, it is like a big family, and with there being no crowds here in Innsbruck, we will have to create some noise the best we can. As I say, the players are proud to represent their country.”

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