‘Rafael Nadal was his idol since he was little’, says top coach

Daniil Medvedev is the first finalist of the Turin ATP Finals. The Russian beats a tough Casper Ruud in the semifinal in two sets and gets the pass for the final of the last big event of the year. He is waiting for the winner of the match between the world number one Novak Djokovic or the German Alexander Zverev, but what is certain is that Turin will have a great final (perhaps the best possible). Quite obvious victory with Daniil who had always won in the previous ones and once again two partials are enough to close the Norwegian practice. After Jannik Sinner this time it is Ruud’s turn to suffer the Russian fury of the number two in the world. The Russian starts strong and dominates the exchanges despite the opponent trying to hold the blow and respond point by point. The Russian tennis player makes the decisive break in the third game, Ruud advances 40-15 but four points in a row, some of excellent workmanship, give Daniil the break. The number two in the world has the chance to make the double break but sends the ball into the net making an unexpected mistake. For his part, Ruud fails to affect the Russian’s serve and the first set ends at 6-4. The second set begins in a similar way to the first, Ruud tries to hold his own but has very few weapons at his disposal. In the fifth game Medvedev gets the break which becomes decisive for the set. Ruud raises the white flag and this time gives clear with Medvedev who closes with a simple 6-4; 6-2. Ruud has credited his mindset to none other than Rafael Nadal.

Pedro Clar on Rafael Nadal

It is no secret that Rafael Nadal has played a huge role in inspiring Casper Ruud to reach the heights he has. According to Pedro Clar, Ruud wanted to join the structure “because of the values Nadal transmits.” “He was his idol since he was little and that’s why he wanted to come to the structure, because of the values he transmits and what Rafa puts on the track,” Clar said. “Casper believed that was what he carried inside and that is why being with him motivates him so much, that he always loves him. It helps even if they are still rivals.” While discussing the recent improvements to Ruud’s game, Clar explained that the Norwegian’s belief and work ethic have made it easier for him to adapt to changes and make rapid strides on the circuit. “With Casper we look for the simple part of everything,” Clar said. “We sat down to analyze and see what he had to improve on. He is very open and predisposed to changes in that regard. His day to day is very good. He always adds and is willing to work with good energy and mentality.

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