Jim Courier: Not realistic to expect Roger Federer to ever again win Grand Slam

Former world No, 1 Jim Courier hopes Roger Federer will make a comeback but he doesn’t believe the Swiss will ever again win a Grand Slam. 

Federer underwent two knee surgeries in 2020 and a third knee surgery this past August. 

Federer, 40, hasn’t won a Grand Slam since the 2018 Australian Open. 

On Tennis Channel, Andy Roddick said he doesn’t believe Federer will ever again win a Grand Slam and Courier agreed. 

“I agree on Roger. It’s very realistic about his chances. He has talked about maybe not even playing until 2023. So we will see. We will have our fingers crossed for him. and hope that we get to see him very competitively next season,” Courier said during his appearance on Tennis Channel. 

We may not see Federer in a long time 

Federer admitted he was disappointed over having to end his season prematurely but he felt that was the right decision.

“I’m disappointed but I don’t want to rush the times,” Federer said. 

“Going back to the courts at the age of 40-41-42… It doesn’t change much, the important thing is to go back.

“Who knows if I will be a commentator in the future, now I work to return to play and comment on the games from the pitch … “

Recently, a report surfaced suggesting that Federer was doing everything he could to play the Australian Open. 

Federer confirmed he won’t play the Australian Open and revealed that even Wimbledon is in question. 

“I felt that the US Open was also very fast, I miss matches. I had a great career and I’m not complaining, but it would have been nice to be in Turin, it’s a shame,” Federer said. 

“Wimbledon? Looking at the calendar today, it is very complicated. There is a small chance but I don’t want to be too loaded with expectations.

“If I am there, it will be for fun. In April or May I will give updates if I will be there or not, now it is too early to tell.”

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