Casper Ruud: Rafael Nadal’s whole character is inspiring

World No. 8 Casper Ruud finds Rafael Nadal very inspiring and he is amazed by how the Spaniard handles himself on and off the court. 

Ruud, 22, hasn’t yet had a chance to play Nadal but he has a great respect and admiration for the Spaniard. 

“I think his whole character is inspiring. He’s very, very competitive. Doesn’t matter if it’s tennis, golf, he’s a very competiitve guy. Somewhat he has two personalities, one on the court where he is the fiercerul, a tough guy that plays with a lot of intensity. You will always see him being nice and respectul to his opponents. Then you have him off the court where is a very, very normal, a very nice guy. Always says hi,” Ruud said of Nadal. 

“Whenever he is around Mallorca in the academy, everyone treats him like a normal person because they’re kind of used to him there. I think he enjoys that. I probably would if I was in his position. It’s nice to see he’s a very, very normal guy at least in the circumstances when he’s at home in Mallorca.”

Ruud’s season comes to an end 

On Saturday, world No. 2 Daniil Medvedev handed Ruud a 6-4 6-2 loss in the semiifnal at the ATP Finals. 

“As soon as you are a set and a break up you feel like you are in control, but that is when the danger is,” Medvedev said in his on-court interview. “You need to stay focused and fight for every point. In the last game I had 0/30 on my serve, and until the last point, it is never over. So I am happy I was able to finish it.

“I think all the matches were a great level. Different opponents and different styles. I managed to win all the matches. It was not an easy match [today]. When you are in the final you can’t complain, so I am just looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully I can have my best match.”

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