Rafael Nadal: ‘You always work with the goal that you never…’

Nick Kyrgios hadn’t been heard of for weeks now, but the Australian tennis player didn’t wait too long, returning to the limelight in his own way. Not for sporting merits, but for controversial statements about Roland Garros and for some digs thrown at Djokovic. The 26-year-old from Camberra, during the podcast No Boundaries, spoke about various topics with the usual bluntness that distinguishes him, defining the French slam as trash. The wild Australian player spoke out on the various slams, claiming that the Australian Open is the one in which he feels the most pressure, being the home tournament and having all the cheering in his favor. “Basically, if I make a mistake and say a bad word, I have the media on my heels … I can’t help it because that’s what I deserve as a professional tennis player,” Kyrgios said of the Australian slam. Speaking of the other slams, however, Kyrgios praised the prestige of Wimbledon, unlike Roland Garros, which for him “should be eliminated. It is the biggest garbage he has ever seen. It’s the worst Grand Slam ever”. Nick then spoke of the Big Three, extolling Federer’s influence in the history of the sport: “For me, Federer is the Michael Jordan of tennis. Overall, he has changed the sport more than anyone. Without Federer there would be no Djokovic or Rafael Nadal”. Kyrgios also added that Roger, unlike Nole, is the source of inspiration for many tennis players on the circuit and therefore deserves the title of GOAT. On the vaccination front, the Greek-born tennis player is against the obligation to vaccinate, despite being vaccinated himself. “I think it’s morally wrong to force someone to get vaccinated. I am, but I disagree with forcing someone to do it. They cannot tell you that you cannot come here because you are not vaccinated.”

Nadal last competed at the Washington Open

In a candid one-on-one with former F1 champion Nico Rosberg, Rafael Nadal spoke about how to handle moments of self-doubt and other issues related to mental strength along with how he’s different from rival Novak Djokovic. “He’s maybe more a machine in terms of mentality, But I’m sure he has his doubts too. We have different characters. Both things are good, and you need to find your way. That’s my point of view. There’s no one way to have success, or to accomplish your dreams. There are different ways and you need to find your personal one.” Nadal stated that a healthy combination of doubt and confidence is the best way to get work done. “Yeah, because doubts let you work the proper way, I think. Because when you have doubts, you always work with the goal that you never think it’s enough. ‘It can be better, it can be better…’ but at the same time, if you have the confidence that works in the proper way, you will be able to be back. Then, you are back or not… you never know.”

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