Hartford Club, same tee for men and women

In the world of golf, between tradition and innovation, there is room for Hartford Golf Club. This English club (nine holes, par 35) has changed the rules on the starting tee for three weeks now. In fact, he eliminated “the women’s tee”. That’s right: trivially, from early November the golfer who wants to play on this course in the English countryside will not have to start from the yellow ones. Likewise, the golfer will not always have to start with the red hitters only.

The starts are now on four different tees in relation to the different abilities of each individual golfer. Let’s take a theoretical example: who usually closes 18 holes in more than one hundred strokes is authorized to start with the red hitters. Those who get away with less than 100 shots will retreat to yellow, those under 90 from whites and those under 80 shots will take the blue. As you improve (or get worse) you can change the starting point. In this case in Hartford the subdivision is between Academy-Novice-Improving-Established-Competiion players. The first start from the blues, the last from the whites. The initiative is not really brand new but the fact that it is starting to take root in the land of Albione makes us reflect.

Hartford Golf Club, statements

More for or against? Out of the race, the first are certainly greater. The owner of the Hartford Golf Club himself explains it. “First of all, you have more fun – writes Tim Barnes – because for example you can close more often with par. Then the speed of the game gains: you are often too attached to whoever precedes you or you feel the breath on the neck of those who follow you because you start from the wrong tee. You have a different pace. Finally, starting from different positions helps you to improve your game because it allows you to see the pitch from different perspectives and you have to adopt different strategies”.

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