Nick Kyrgios on Roger Federer: GOAT, Michael Jordan of tennis

Nick Kyrgios believes Roger Federer is the Michael Jordan of tennis and the most influential player in tennis history. 

Kyrgios, who has had a couple of tight battles with 20-time Grand Slam champion Federer, absolutely believes no one has done more for the sport than the Swiss. 

“To me, Federer is the Michael Jordan of tennis. What he accomplished for the sport, with the fans, with the children … Of the three, I think it is Federer that the children admire the most. Overall, he is the one who has changed the sport the most. And it’s his retirement that will hurt tennis the most,” Kyrgios said on the ” No Boundaries Podcast”, as quoted on Equipe. 

Kyrgios labels Federer as the GOAT 

When asked about the GOAT, Kyrgios said: “Today I say Federer. The most influential player to ever play is Federer. His game is copied. On the Tour, there are guys like Dimitrov who have literally copied his game. Dude, find your own style!”

Last week. Federer revealed he advised wife Mirka to retire in 2002 but he is having a hard time walking away from the sport at the age of 40.

“She had this injury on her foot. At that time I said to her: ‘just stop! Why the stress? ›Really cool. As if it were the easiest decision in the world (laughs). Today I think: Am I crazy? I still play tournaments myself at 40 and find it difficult to quit,” Federer told Ringier magazine.

Also, Federer revealed a funny story regarding Mirka..

“It has even happened before that Mirka – and she may not be happy that I am telling you this – called me during a match. She had completely forgotten that I was playing (laughs). That’s exactly what I like about her, that’s Mirka’s charm: If she’s in tennis, then she’s in. And when she is outside, she can break away from it very well,” Federer revealed.

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