Novak Djokovic awarded as number one of 2021: IT IS A RECORD!

As usual, the number one of the year is awarded at the first exit in the ATP Finals, if he has already certified his stay at the top of the ranking until the end of the season. It was like this this year for Novak Djokovic of course: three Grand Slams won and a final lost, a sensational near-miss, but also a certified absolute record.

In fact, no one in the history of tennis had managed to close a season in front of everyone in the ATP ranking for seven years. The Serbian champion who has passed Pete Sampras’s six-year record holder has succeeded.

In a celebratory video, the ATP retraced all the year-end number ones since 2004, that is when the Roger Federer epic began. Well, in the last 18 years only one player has managed to fit into the Federer-Djokovic-Nadal triumvirate and it is Andy Murray who finished ahead of everyone in 2016, his better year than him.

The rest is divided as follows: Federer and Rafael Nadal head five times and, in fact, Djokovic seven.





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