Nick Kyrgios: Novak Djokovic is way bigger than NBA star Kyrie Irving

Australia’s Nick Kyrgios insists Novak Djokovic is “way bigger” than NBA stat Kyrie Irving. 

Irving hasn’t played at all this season as he was sent home by the Brooklyn Nets for refusing to take the vaccine. 

Irving reportedly wants to “be the voice for voiceless” as he believes no one should be forced into taking the vaccine. 

“I mean, look Kyrie is huge but Novak’s on a whole different level to Kyrie. Like, I think tennis globally, is way bigger,” Kyrgios said on the “No Boundaries Podcast.”

“Guys, I know for a fact that Novak’s bigger. Like I know for a fact like bro, this guy is like the king of Serbia. Like, think how big that place and Europe is in general.”

Kyrgios ended his season at the Laver Cup 

“I feel like I’m not one of those players now that’s going to go hunting for points or hunting for accolades or anything like that,” Kyrgios said at the Laver Cup. I feel like I have nothing left to prove to myself. I’m incredibly proud of what I have achieved. 

“Where I go from here, everything’s a bonus. I’m playing Laver Cup again, and I’m not going to lie, I think this is my last year I will probably play Laver Cup.

“As long as I’m on the court, I will try and give my best, but I’m not going to lie and say that I’m going to plan to play four or five more years on tour. That’s just not me.”

After Kyrgios hinted at a retirement at the Laver Cup, Mark Petchey urged him to stay in the game. 

“Not sure where you are in the world right now @NickKyrgios but take your time, think about what makes you happy and make the decision that suits you best but there are many in tennis who want to see you stay in the sport. You are a long time retired. Tennis ball is more fun with you in it,” Petchey said in a Twitter post.

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