‘Novak Djokovic learns a lot about his opponents by…’, says former No.1

Facing Novak Djokovic is surely the great challenge that exists on the ATP circuit. The 34-year-old Serbian tennis player and current number one in the world, is aware of the responsibility that he carries at each stop he has on the tour, especially in the big events where all eyes are on him. In the 2021 “Masters Tournament”, “Nole” will debut against the complicated Norwegian player Casper Ruud, who will be in unknown territory. “Ruud had a great season. He is a tennis player who has made great progress on the hard court, who moves well and who knows how to position himself on the court. It has always been said that it is on clay where he performs best, but this year he has shown everyone that on hard court he can also offer good results”, said the Serbian in the preview of his commitment. “He is a player who is always training with the intention of being able to perfect his game and improve. I already played with him last year in Rome and it took me a bit to get the victory,” added the big favorite to the title. It was precisely during his stay on the ATP circuit that faces have been seen in an opportunity that was in the semifinals of the Rome Masters, where Djokovic got the best part by taking a 7-5, 6-3 victory. Ruud is dangerous and more so because he has nothing to lose in what will be his debut in the “Masters Tournament”, nothing more and nothing less than before the GOAT.

Wilander talks about Djokovic

Mats Wilander recently emphasized that he is not a big fan of Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev getting friendlier to the point of practicing with each other regularly. The Swede believes that their relationship has not only watered down their on-court rivalry, but is also more beneficial for Djokovic in the long run. “I think this [relationship] is great for Novak in the long run,” Wilander stated. “Novak learns a lot about his opponents by practicing with them, and I think Daniil is going to learn that Novak is the greatest player of all time by practicing with him. So I think it can only help Novak. I think Daniil Medvedev has arrived,” Wilander said. “He’s going to be at the top of the game for the next five or six years, if nothing physical happens to him.” The 57-year-old observed how Medvedev usually has to play long rallies in his return games and shorter ones on his serve due to his ability to win cheap points on his delivery. “He runs so far, he moves so well and he has to play a lot of long points from the baseline. Of course when he serves well, those points are short, but otherwise in return games he plays long points.”

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