Novak Djokovic: Being more aggressive my goal for rest of my career

Novak Djokovic, 34, has revealed that being more aggressive is one of his goals for the rest of his career.

Djokovic has always been known as an exceptional defender but his offensive game has also been at a high level throughout his career. 

Djokovic is still as dominant as ever, having made four Grand Slam finals this year. 

“I was born with a more defensive style of play and with the ability to cover all the court, and sometimes I counted too much on those defensive qualities. (…) Being more aggressive is one of the goals I have now in my career,” Djokovic told La Gazzetta della Sport.

Djokovic never gets down on himself 

After losing the US Open final and failing to break some records, Djokovic took a break to clear his head. 

Djokovic returned to action at the Paris Masters and won the title to bounce back in an impressive style from the US Open final defeat. 

“I experience defeat not only as a disappointing emotion, but also as an opportunity for mental growth and strengthening of character, an opportunity to get out of a difficult situation as a person and become a better player than I was. It was certainly difficult for me. The mind plays an important role, just like the physical and technical aspects of the game. You have to be able to understand how to manage negative energy in the most productive way,” Djokovic explained. 

Djokovic is now set to play Casper Ruud in his opener at the ATP Finals.

“It feels exciting [as he is] the toughest player to play in the world,” said Ruud. “He knows the routine and has won the event many times. He almost won four majors this year, and there was only one player that stopped him. I did watch the US Open final, so I may ask Daniil how he beat him! Novak is a complete player with pretty much no weaknesses. I will try and enjoy the moment, but I know it’s a tough task ahead on Monday.”

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