Stefanos Tsitsipas: Minimalism is great concept and works great for me

World No. 4 Stefanos Tsitsipas reveals he has been practicing minimalism concept over the last few years and he claims it works for hi…

“I’ve been very interested in minimalism in the last couple of years and I’ve been reading interesting books that talk about minimalism and how excess is not necessary to make you feel happy and how less can be more sometimes,” explained Tsitsipas, per Arab News.

“I’ve read a lot of things regarding that and that has kind of prompted me to say these kind of things. I think minimalism is a great concept and it works great for me. There are many types of minimalism; it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of every single thing that you own. But for me, decluttering and starting fresh with the types of things that I need in my life has helped me a lot with my struggle with a little bit of anxiety and some other things too.”

Tsitsipas set to return to action at the ATP Finals 

Tsitsipas last played at the Paris Masters? Where he was forced to retire his opener to Alexei Popyrin after just six games played due to a shoulder injury. 

During his pre-tournament interview at the ATP Finals, Tsitsipas described the pain he felt in Paris as “unbearable.”

“In Paris the pain was unbearable so I had to quit from that game, I’ve never retired in a match – it was very painful for me to let the crowd down and not play that match,” Tsitsipas said.

“But, I had to, it was for my safety, my well-being, and I don’t regret doing that. In the last couple of days I have been practicing with a little bit of pain but recently I’m feeling much better than when I started, five six days ago. It’s heading toward the right direction and I’m doing everything possible to recover from it.”

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