Roger Federer: Hope I will be remembered as casual, cool, good tennis player

20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer hopes to be remembered as “casual, cool and good tennis player.” 

Federer, 40, is one of the greatest players in tennis history and he is a fan favorite wherever he goes..

Federer, a former world No. 1, underwent a knee surgery in August but he is hoping to return in 2022. 

“I hope I will be remembered as a casual, cool, good tennis player. And as a person, I hope that I was able to set an example that, even if you are successful, you can treat people with decency, attitude and fairness,” Federer told Ringier magazine.

Federer explains his towell trick 

“How can I just ignore a bad point? One trick that helped me a lot was the one with the towel. A baby has a cozy blanket or a cuddly bear. My coach said I needed something like that. Something that helps me to withdraw into my world for a brief moment. (…) From now on it was said: You can get excited for three seconds. Then you run to the Tüechli. Then this is the moment all for you. (…) Very easy. But very effective. For me it has become a ritual. Lost point, first reflex – towel. But later it was also because of all the sweating (laughs),” Federer explained. 

During his early days on tour, Federer had a hard time dealing with losses.

Federer worked on becoming mentally stronger and it worked out for him. 

“I was always extremely sad after a loss. Sometimes I howled all the way home to Basel. (…) No matter how hard my parents talked into me, none of that would have helped. So they made me cry. Looking back, I was a bit crazy back then,” Federer admitted. 

The Australian Open organizers are going that Federer will be able to play at Melbourne Park in January. 

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