Mate Pavic, Nikola Mektic speak on their absolute dominance in 2021

Mate Pavic believes the fact that he and Nikola Mektic quickly built a chemistry on the court played a key part in them having an outstanding season..

Pavic and Mektic have won nine titles this season and they are aiming to finish the season with an ATP Finals title.

Pavic and Mektic debuted as a team in Antalya earlier this year and made it all the way in their first tournament. 

Since then Pavic and Mektic won eight more titles — with their biggest victories coming at Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics.

“It definitely was not easy,” Pavic acknowledged, per the ATP Finals website. “At one point I think we had, I read somewhere, a 17-1 record in the super tie-breaks, so obviously a lot of those matches that we won were tough matches. We won it in super tie-breaks and that’s just a few points, a few balls here and there…

“I think the biggest thing was just to get to know each other on the court a little bit, because we never really played together an official match. We were lucky enough to win the first two tournaments, had a lot of matches even before Australia, so from the beginning we found a chemistry on the court and we played well and that was the thing.”

Mektic never doubted in himself and Pavic 

Mektic claims he believed he and Pavic could be the best doubles team in the world..

“To be honest I was hoping we can be the best,” Mektic admitted. “I knew we were going to be good, no reason not to [expect that], but I was hoping we could be the best.

“Of course, it’s tough to expect nine titles especially three Masters Series, Grand Slam, Olympics. Those are unbelievable titles, unbelievable results, it’s tough to expect something like this. But I was confident that we could be the best team in the world.”

Pavic and Mektic are now the top favorites to win the ATP Finals.

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