Paula Badosa: Garbine Muguruza has always been a mirror in which to look at myself

Paula Badosa, 23, reveals she has been looking up to Garbine Muguruza for years and she hopes she will become the player Muguruza is..

Muguruza, 28, has won two Grand Slam titles and she is a former world No. 1. 

Badosa is enjoying a breakthrough season on the Tour and she recently captured her maiden Masters title in Indian Wells and shortly after broke into the top-10 for the first time in her career. 

“She is a player who has always been a mirror in which to look at myself,” Badosa said of Muguruza, per Arab News. “She broke all the stereotypes. Such a dynamic and aggressive game was not common in Spanish tennis.

“She is tall, different, my favorite. She has a game that I loved when I was growing up. I have always said that I would like to go where she has arrived. I am getting closer to her level and it’s an honor to have two Spanish women here.”

Badosa, Muguruza representing Spain at the WTA Finals  

For the first time in 21 years, Spain has two players at the WTA Finals. 

Muguruza is hoping having her and Badosa at the prestigious season-ending event will motivate young girls from Spain to work hard and pursue their dreams..

“I do feel we could be the fan favorites just because we have a similar culture,” said Muguruza. “I feel like this is going to motivate young girls from Spain, from Latin America.

“I never thought that Latin America would hold a Masters final, just because it is very complicated (and there are) many aspects. When (WTA CEO) Steve (Simon) said that Guadalajara was an option, I was like, ‘Oh, my God, are you sure? You mean Guadalajara, Mexico, right, not another Guadalajara?’

“I was so nervous to make it happen. Now I want it even more. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. That had a big effect on me.”

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