Criticism rains on Eddie Jones after the attack on Emma Raducanu

One of the biggest surprises of this tennis 2021 is undoubtedly the success of the 18-year-old British tennis player Emma Raducanu at the US Open 2021. The young player won the tournament starting from the qualifications and practically without ever having participated in WTA tournaments.

Immediately, after this success, obviously many expectations were created about Raducanu, in some ways sometimes even excessive. Immediately after the first defeats of the young tennis player came the criticisms, even from other sports.

One of the arguably worst compliments on Emma came from 61-year-old England rugby team coach Eddie Jones. He attracted several criticisms because of the words about the young and beautiful tennis player, defined as too distracted by anything else and even underground.

It all started, according to reports from the British media, due to the words of Eddie Jones towards his player Marcus Smith. The coach took Raducanu as an example stating that the tennis player who won the US Open got busy off the pitch and that’s why she was in trouble.

Criticism rains on Jones after the attack on Raducanu

Here are the words reported: “There is a reason why the tennis player who won the US Open did not do well after. Where are we seeing her now? Only on Vogue, the front page of Harper’s Bazaar and we only see her parading by seeing dresses by Christian Dior. She is in trouble, everyone starts with their feet on the ground and objectively you don’t otherwise win the US Open. But there’s a tide of distractions that come and make you underground.”

The words of the coach of the English rugby team were not appreciated and there were many media to criticize him. Raducanu had so much media support and BBC presenter Gabby Logan attacked Jones calling the words unfair.

 She said: “Eddie was incredibly unfair, imagine a rugby player winning a Cup at 18. of the world without ever having played in clubs, more or less this is what Raducanu did.”

In the last few hours there have been many certificates of esteem and in defense of the young tennis player, engaged this week in Linz.

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