Brittany Lincicome: “I can’t wait for my family”

There’s nothing like having a home-field advantage. For Brittany Lincicome who was born just up the road in St. Petersburg, Florida and now lives in Gulfport, the Pelican Women’s Championship presented by Konika Minolta is a home game unlike any other, especially now that fans will be welcome on the property at the Pelican Golf Club. The exclusive Belleair club is as challenging as it is picturesque and Lincicome says a strong short game will be key.

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“I cannot wait for people in the area, my family, my friends to come out and see this beautiful golf course,” she said. “Not a lot of people have had the opportunity to come out here. It’s a true gem. It’s such a treat for us players to be here playing. The greens are running so fast. It’s like putting on the cart path. I don’t know how we’re going to get the ball to stop, but it’s going to be super fun, super challenging. Might not look too intimidating off the tee, but those greens are something crazy. It’s definitely going to be whoever can chip and putt this week is going to win for sure.”

The last month and change have been competitively slow for the 36-year-old considering she decided to take some time off after the ShopRite LPGA Classic. But another type of event has been on her mind, one that’s required her to stand on the other side of the golf ball. The “lefty tournament” has become a staple on Lincicome’s schedule and is an outing that she and her fellow pros look forward to each year.

“We only do it once a year, and every time we do it we have so much fun doing it we say, ‘Why don’t we do this more times?’ Me, Brittany Altomare, Kristy McPherson joined this year, too, so it’s growing, which is great,” Lincicome said. “I shot nine shots better than last year. I shot 50 instead of 59. I can say that I shot 59 in my career. It’s entertaining. We think we are athletes, and we can play golf, and you flip it around and it’s like, ‘Holy cow, that is what amateurs feel like.’ It’s a lot harder than it looks, but it’s super fun to go try something different. We definitely need to do it more than once a year though.”

However, ahead of the last regular-season event of 2021, Lincicome is all business. Playing a course that has major-championship-vibes and requires the deftest of touch around the greens, she knows that scoring is going to be a premium and with a hometown crowd in attendance, she’s looking to give them something to cheer for.

“This golf course could be a major no problem,” she said. “It’s long enough. There is even more length that they could add if they wanted to. I hit 7-wood into 18 yesterday into the wind, so there is definitely some meat on some holes. And the greens rolling like a 12, that’s like U.S. Open golf. It’s not a lot from tee to green. You don’t have to be too concerned off the tees, but it is definitely that shot into the green. You can three-putt almost every green out there if you’re not in the right section or tier of the greens. That’s where you’ll have to score. It’s going to be your iron shots into the green and then your putting has to be on. The golf course itself could be a U.S. Open or a major. It’s that good to what we’ve played all year.”

But, will she try any left-handed shots in competition?

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