ATP Next Gen Finals 2021: Alcaraz won a CRAZY POINT!

Carlos Alcaraz was the most anticipated name among the eight of the ATP Next Gen Finals, in Milan (Italy) and the Spaniard is not betraying those who see him as the potential new ruler of world tennis.

Alcaraz went to Allianz Cloud with two wins out of two in the group that are already worth a piece of the semifinals. After Rune, Nakashima was also adjusted without leaving any sets in the way. In the match against the American, Alcaraz scored what should be considered the point of the tournament hands down.

First a sensational defense by running from one side of the field to the other, then – once the exchange has been turned and earned the way of the net – almost an acrobatic to be able to take home the point after the mocking deviation of the tape on the passerby of Nakashima.

Below you can watch this amazing point made by Carlos Alcaraz.





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